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Novelty DLS Glass Workbench Plate

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One of the simplest, yet most useful workbench tools is now back in our lineup! 

While DLS does offer custom engraving for Glass Workbench Plates for your own logo, these are intended for those who want to add a unique or humorous touch as gifts, or to spruce up their own workbench.

Our DLS tempered glass workbench plate is great for:

  • Skiving - Preserve your knife edge by allowing it to skate across the glass' hard, smooth, and level surface when exiting the cut.  More easily achieve shallower and consistent skives compared to a cutting mat where the knife can dig in.
  • Glueing and edge painting - Easily scrape off dried glue and edge paint with a blade.
  • Edge planing - Elevate the edge of your leather project for improved contact with an edge plane.
  • Working with sensitive-finished leathers
  • Blade sharpening - Use as a base with various grit sandpaper to sharpen blades.

Each glass plate is shipped with 3M replaceable adhesive-backed grippy feet.

These designs are pre-etched in house, please give an additional 2-3 business days to ship.


200mm x 250mm x 8mm
7.9in x 9.8in x .31in

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