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Punch Pad

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The Punch Pad™ is intended to be used as a backing whenever you're punching through leather with pricking irons, chisels, hole punches, etc.  Just like using thick leather as a backing, the Punch Pad will protect the edges of your tools.  But unlike a leather backing, the Punch Pad's dense, flexible material helps keep irons and punches from penetrating further than necessary and causing damage to your project.  This is often seen in the form of blowouts on the reverse side, and oversized holes on the front side.

The material is self-healing and incredibly resilient.  Because it's very dense, but not as hard as other cutting mats that are often used for punching, the surface of the material does not lift up or scar.  This means you don't have to sand down the Punch Pad to achieve a smooth surface, and you don't have to worry about punch marks and scratches appearing on your projects.  The material will also self-adhere to flat smooth surfaces, such as granite or marble, so you don't have to worry about the Punch Pad slipping during use.

Punch Pads are currently offered in three sizes, and the 8" x 18" also doubles as an excellent cutting mat.   

Thickness:  5mm

 *Additional items pictured are not included 

PLEASE NOTE - Actual size of 4"x6" and 6"x8" may vary slightly.  Corners may be rounded or square.

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