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District Leather Supply recently journeyed to Japan in order to seek out a top-notch manufacturer of Japanese brass hardware.  Not only did we find what we were after, but we were floored by the craftsmanship of their products as well as the breadth of products they offer. 

Staying true to our mission – to provide access to extraordinary, rare and/or difficult to obtain products from around the world – we decided to begin the adventure in leathercraft hardware by focusing on the always-popular but ever-difficult-to-find “raw” or “natural” Japanese brass.  (Don't get mad, there are a few exceptions).

As explained to us by the manufacturer, the alloy they use has a higher copper content than most hardware brass, which gives it two notable characteristics.  First, the brass is slightly softer, resulting in more dents and dings from all that life throws at it.  Second, the higher copper content leads to a greater potential for staining and oxidization (which lead to patina).  These two characteristics, combined with the lack of any coating or protectant on the hardware, results in a product that can develop a rich patina and unique character over time.

Since hardware is a new endeavor for us, we decided to start somewhat conservatively in terms of the breadth of products and initial inventory levels.  As we learn more based on your feedback and your orders, we’ll both refine and expand the hardware offering to provide more variety in this curated collection.  It may take 1-2 weeks to fill your order depending on the popularity/availability of the product(s).  But, please know that we’re monitoring this launch very closely, and will quickly restock those products that appear to be popular.  We encourage you to reach out to us by email (info@districtleathersupply.com) or Instagram DM (@districtleathersupply) with questions, feedback, special requests, etc.
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