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Opera Go Rain Suede, Blue

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Weight:  4.0-4.5 oz (1.4mm - 1.6mm)

Opera's Go Rain is a premium, water-resistant Italian cowhide suede developed for footwear applications.  It's a dense, medium temper suede with moderate oil content and a short nap.  Because it's produced from double butts, it has very limited stretch and is easier to cut and sew compared to lower grade suede.

Please exercise caution when using Go Rain for carried leather goods because of the colorfastness - you may experience some light dye transfer.

Full skin (double butt cowhide) average size:  12-14 sqft

Please note in order to split Full skins of Opera Go Rain Suede, the skin will have to be cut in half in order to fit our machine.

Now go make stuff.

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