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MPG Aragona, Orange

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Weight:  5.0-5.5 oz

Since the beginning, we've been on a quest to provide the maker community with excellent and interesting leather options in tannages and/or from tanneries all over the world that aren't as widely known.  Aragona, from MPG Industria Conciaria in Italy is one of the next of these in our lineup.

Aragona is a premium Italian vegetable tanned leather with an appearance of a leather that's been sitting inside an old barn for decades.  It looks like it would feel rough, but it's been ever-so-lightly buffed (i.e. sanded), so the grain is silky smooth.  It doesn't feel greasy or waxy at all, but it has some of the most dramatic pull-up I've ever seen.  And, it's actually relatively dry, which makes it very easy to glue and burnish. 

The temper is surprisingly firm for a leather that looks like this.  At full weight (5-5.5oz), it works great for exterior-sewn bags and small straps / lanyards.  Because of how firm it is, it may put up a bit of a fight if you're making a flipped bag (in those cases, I'd recommend hand milling the leather, which will loosen it up a bit to make the flip easier).  Split a little thinner (maybe around 4oz), it should be much easier, and still have enough body to stand up as an unlined tote.  Aragona split down in the 2oz neighborhood will still have plenty of body to work well for wallet interiors.

Single shoulder approx. 7 sqft
Double shoulder approx. 14 sqft

This is intended to be a high-character leather.  It may exhibit some scarring and range marks. 

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