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Mozart Pattern Knife

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I'm always skeptical about the effectiveness and general utility of replaceable blade knifes when it comes to leathercraft.  The Ergokiwi won me over because of how comfortable it is, but there are still some drawbacks to the size 2 hobby blades - primarily, the tip always seems to break off.

I decided to give this Mozart knife a try, and I've been nothing but pleased with it since I started using it a few months ago.  What I like the most about this German-made knife:

  • The frame is sturdy with a healthy weight and a comfortable grip.  The grip has has three different positions for your index finger, which gives you the ability to torque down or get surgical.
  • The blade is secured tightly in place with no movement whatsoever.
  • The blade shape is ideal for cutting leather - it has a square end (no point to break off when cutting curves), and the low height-to-length ratio makes it easier to see and control.
  • The awl tip at the rear comes in handy for tracing patterns and for peeling up the paper off of double-sided tape.  It can sometimes surprise the back of my hand with a poke, so it's nice that it's really easy to remove. 

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