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Conceria La Perla Azzurra Natural Veg Tan

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"If there's a natural veg tan leather in heaven, it's this stuff."  - Bill, District Leather Supply

Country of Origin: Italy

Weight: 4.5 - 5.0 oz

Tanning: Veg Tan

Temper, 1-10 Scale (1 = wet towel/10 = plywood): 8

Finish: Smooth

Recommended Uses: Wallets, Bags, Small Goods

Notes: Grain is incredibly smooth and consistent. It's firm, but not stiff and rigid like a lot of other natural veg tans. It burnishes easily. It tools well. It dyes well. The color is on the golden end of the veg tan spectrum (vs the whitish/pinkish end)


- Grade A - Great quality, very little to no flaws beside what is mentioned above.

- Grade B - Not-so-perfect - will have more noticeable range marks or scratches, broken grain, or slight color variation over a small portion of the panel. 

Please note: There may be a slight variation in color between the product photo and what you receive due to differences across dye lots and the natural characteristics of leather. 


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