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Renia Aquilim 315 Water-Based Contact Adhesive



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Aquilim 315 is a water-based contact adhesive for forming permanent bonds, and can be used for making almost any leather project / product.  When it comes to leather, Aquilim is comparable to solvent-based contact adhesives in terms of bonding strength.  Yes, seriously.

We conduct thorough research and testing on everything we sell, and we only sell products that we stand behind 100%.  Not only have we been using Aquilim 315 for leather goods production in our own workshop for more than five years, we also met with Renia's owner on multiple occasions to learn as much as we could before starting to sell Aquilim to our customers.  

We would like to strongly urge our customers still using solvent-based adhesives for leather projects to please consider making the switch to the safer, equally effective product.

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