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S.B. Foot Mohave, Desert Sand

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Weight:  2.5-3.0 oz - See below for grading details.

Everyone here at the shop has been blown away by this Desert Sand Mohave from SB Foot.  It's chrome tanned, medium temper, the grain is buffed (i.e. sanded) - not quite a nubuck though.  The color and texture are super consistent.  My first thought when I saw it was that it had the look of the dash and headliner leather found in a $100k+ car.

This particular shade makes for a classy, neutral contrast to almost any other color.  I paired this with an amber colored pebble grain french calf to make a laptop sleeve and the combination looked amazing.  I also made a wallet using this as the interior with a textured and shiny navy blue veg tan that had a very high end look.

In terms of leather goods, at 2.5-3.0 oz, it's fantastic for padded/layered watch straps, sturdy enough to stand on its own as wallet exteriors and interiors, wonderful as a tote/duffel interior, lining for electronics/glasses cases, and loads of other things.  Split down, it makes for an excellent lining for just about anything. 

These sides and panels are all second quality from the tannery.

The S.B. Foot Leather Company in Minnesota is perhaps most famous for making leather used in Red Wing boots, also made in Minnesota.  


****Sides are tanned as a rough out, however all grading is done on the grain side (smooth side).  The rough out side is of a better quality than the grade, if you intended to use as a rough out as tanned. *****

A Quality - Good quality second (Side) - Will have light range markings and a brand somewhere on the hide.  Sides average around 23 sqft in size.  Lots of good quality usable space.

B Quality - Ok quality second (Side) - Will have substantial range markings.  Could have some color variations.  Will have a brand somewhere on the hide.  Sides average around 23 sqft.  While there will be unique range markings showing the life the animal had, these all still have a very nice and smooth surface.  I personally find the range markings desirable.   

A Quality - Good quality second (Panel) - May have some light range markings over a small portion of the panel

B Quality - Ok quality second (Panel) - Will have range characteristics over a larger portion, but a smooth surface.   

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