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  • What is this "818" thing?
    • The 818 is a one square foot panel of leather that we die cut to precisely 8 inches by 18 inches.  We have found that for most small leather goods, the 8"x18" shape lends itself to a higher usable yield than traditional 12"x12" one square foot panels.
    • There are occasions where the 8"x18" panel may be too big or not big enough. For this we also offer panels in 4"x18" as well as 12"x24". For most who may just want to try out a leather, a 4"x14" panel equates to half a square foot, where a 12"x24" will yield two square feet for those who need a bit more.   
    • Do you offer custom splitting?
      • Yes, we can accommodate custom splitting requests for most of the leather we sell down to 2oz (0.8mm), and the fee is $3.50 per panel.  Splitting options are available on each leather page.  We're working on incorporating splitting options for straps next.  
      • We also offer custom splitting for leather not sold directly from us. Just ship us your leather with a note regarding weight and your contact info, and we will get the rest taken care of. Customer is required to pay for shipping, cost of labor for splitting, and the return shipping.
    • Do you ship outside the US?
      • Yes, we ship to every country served by USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL.  Rates for various shipping options are automatically calculated during checkout.
      • Please note due to Covid-19 international shipping may be delayed.
    • Do you have store hours?
      • While we are not set up like a traditional storefront, we try our best to accommodate local visitors whenever we can. Seeing and touching leather in person before buying is always highly recommended, but that is not always possible.
      • To visit, we encourage calling ahead to schedule an appointment at 770-558-3867.