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Silicon Glue Applicator / Spreader / Spatula / Brush

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Renia (German adhesive producers of Aquilim, Colle de Cologne, etc.) introduced us to these silicon glue applicators they recently started offering - and we love them!!!

These applicators are intended for use with Aqulim water-based adhesives. They're easy to clean and store.  Flexible enough to work like a brush for spreading across larger areas, but firm enough to serve as a spatula for removing excess adhesive.

The applicators can be used with Colle de Cologne and other solvent-based adhesives, but we have found that it can be difficult to control the amount of adhesive being applied when working in small areas and edges.

NOTE:  do not store these applicators in a container / glue pot that contains solvent-based adhesive.  The constant exposure to solvent will cause the handle and brush to rapidly deteriorate.  

Overall length:  5.5 in.
Brush width:  1.25 in.

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