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Senkichi Kakeya Japanese Wooden Mallet

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This bad boy is the Kakeya Japanese mallet from Senkichi.  Traditionally used in woodworking, this mallet also crosses over very well in to leatherworking.  The head and handle, made from solid oak, are heavy, but well-balanced.  It's easy to control, and there is excellent feedback when striking metal punches/irons. The head is coated with wax, which helps protect the wood from damage, and also seems to help prevent slippage when striking tools.

It's difficult to tell from these photos, but the mallet is almost comically large.  Don't be surprised if you have a sudden, strong urge to smash watermelons with this beast.  If you do, PLEASE send us photos/video!!!!!!!

Weight:  38 oz (1.07 kg)
Overall Length:  Approx. 13" (330mm)
Head:  Approx. 6" (150mm) x 3.5" (83mm) x 3.5" (83mm)

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