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Olfa Japanese Style Knife

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Do you enjoy working with your Japanese skiving knife for everything, but don't want to mess it up when performing general shop tasks?  Are you maybe on the fence about investing in a nice Japanese skiving knife and you'd like to try out the style of knife before taking the leap?  Or do you like to collect all sorts of sharp, yellow cutty things?

Whatever the reason, this Olfa Japanese utility knife makes for an awesome addition to any workbench.  It can be used for skiving, slicing, pattern cutting, planing, belt-weight cutting, card slot punching, and even eyebrow and nose hair grooming (unofficially).  

Made in Japan, the knife includes a handle, one two-sided blade, and a blade guard that's easy to remove.  The blade comes razor sharp, and can be stropped to help maintain a sharp edge.  We also sell 3-packs of replacement blades that give you six additional cutting edges whenever it's time for a new one.   

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