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Renia Aquilim 130 Water-Based Contact Adhesive

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Aquilim 130 is a water-based contact adhesive specifically intended for forming permanent bonds related to shoe craft.  It contains a head activated cross-linker.  

We conduct thorough research and testing on everything we sell, and we only sell products that we stand behind 100%.  We've tested Aquilim 130 in-house while making our own sneakers, and have also enlisted the help from some prominent sneaker makers out in the community.  It's a winner, though it can be a little tricky to use compared to other commonly used solvent-based adhesives.  

We'll be creating a YouTube instructional video for this soon.

Material compatibility:
All materials encountered in shoes can be bonded: Leather, rubber, PUR, Vulkollan, Perbunan, PVC, TR, Cork, felt, fabric, certain EVA types, etc. Can be used as adhesive or as a primer before the application of a Polychloroprene adhesive.

Grind or roughen all materials. PUR/rubber unit soles can and TR soles have to be halogenated with RENIA – Rehagol (available at DLS soon). Leather and freshly split Vulkollan can be bonded without preparation (testing recommended). The adhesive can be sprayed or applied with a roll or brush. Let dry and activate at 176 °F. The heat activation starts the cross-linking process which greatly increases the resistance against water, heat, and chemical influences.

Drying Time:
Depending to the combination of the materials and the method of application, the drying-time is 30-60 min. The unique formulation of an adhesive already premixed with a heat-activated cross-linker allows reactivation of the dried adhesive film at any time, while offering an extremely high resistance against environmental influences. Reactivation is possible with an IR lamp, quartz heater, high-capacity IR-UV lamp or heat gun. The adhesive turns clear as soon as it is completely dry.

15 - 60 psi for at least 30 seconds.  Best results will be achieved using a sole press.


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