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Renia Solvent / Thinner for Renia Contact Adhesives

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The solvent in Colle De Cologne will inevitably evaporate when the container / glue pot is open.  When this happens, you'll notice that the glue starts to get stringy and gummy.  Renia's solvent/thinner product can be used to reconstitute your glue.  It also works for thinning any of Renia's other solvent-based contact adhesives, and can be used for cleaning glue pots, brushes, and applicators.  


This product does not contain Toluene or MEK.  But, we still STRONGLY RECOMMEND only using it in a well-ventilated area while wearing a suitable respirator (available for about $25 on Amazon or most home improvement stores).

We will only ship this product via UPS Ground or FedEx Ground.  Please contact us ASAP if your order contains other products that you may need faster.  There may be an additional shipping fee in these cases.  

*** PLEASE NOTE ***  This product is flammable, therefore cannot ship via air.  We unfortunately are not able to ship this outside of the UPS/USPS Ground boundaries.  

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