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Renia Rehagol - Primer for TR

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3 oz Bottle

Rehagol is a clear liquid primer containing a chlorinated organic substance for the treatment of thermoplastic rubber (TR) and latex.

Thermoplastic rubber (TR) exists in many different kinds. There are mixtures which can not or can only insufficiently be bonded by CR- and PUR-based cements. In this case a pre-treatment with Renia – Rehagol is absolutely necessary. To identify thermoplastic rubber put some drops of Renia – deSohl on to the material and check its solubility by wiping with a towel. If the surface is dissolved by the solvent the material is thermoplastic rubber. Latex, a very soft, dull and rubberlike material, also requires pretreatment with Renia – Rehagol.

Renia – Rehagol can only be applied in combination with one the following Renia – adhesives: Renia – Colle de Cologne; Renia – Multi-Colle; Renia – Syntic =Total=; Renia – Renol =Asti=; Renia – Aquilim =130=.  Before applying Renia – Rehagol the material needs to be ground and cleaned from dust. Then coat the material with Renia – Rehagol by using a metal-free brush and let the primer impact on the surface for a certain period. Depending on the Renia – adhesive to be applied after halogenation the reaction time varies from 0 (Aquilim) and 5 (Syntic) to 60 minutes:

Open time:  Up to 60 minutes, depending on the substrate and the adhesive to be applied.

Note:  Renia – Rehagol is sensitive to moisture and will be decomposed by metals. Only use a clean and dry brush. The decomposed substance appears as a white precipitate on the bottom.

*Please note that this product can only be shipped via ground methods and only to destinations in the continental US.

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