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Renia Primer for PUR

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3.3 oz Bottle

PUR primer is a clear liquid primer based on isocyanates for reinforcing aged PUR soles to allow bonding them with CR-based adhesives.

Instructions:  Shoe materials made of PUR-foam are likely to undergo a rapid ageing caused by microbes and water. Multi-purpose cements only bond the surface of the PUR-materials. Under heavy load or stress the spongy material will then break. Therefore the PUR bottom has to be reinforced by either coating with the vinyl-cement Renia –Syntic =TOTAL= or by Renia – Primer for PUR. The advantage of using Renia – Primer for PUR is its very short open time. After priming, any Renia CR–adhesive can be applied instantly


Pretreatment:  Wet shoes have to be dried first by pressing the sanded shoe bottom with absorbent paper for a few seconds. repeat until the paper stays dry.

Open time:  a few seconds

Note:  Renia – Primer for PUR is sensitive to moisture and dirt. Only use a clean and dry brush. The decomposed active substance appears as a white precipitate on the bottom. Avoid working directly from the bottle to avoid contamination with PUR dust, use from a separate container instead.


*** PLEASE NOTE ***  This product is flammable, therefore cannot ship via air.  We unfortunately are not able to ship this outside of the UPS/USPS Ground boundaries.  

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