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District Leather Supply has officially moved!!!!


The hopes and dreams of DLS started in Bill's basement as a hobby. Making a wallet here, a watch strap there, and belts for everybody. Soon after, it became “what do I need as a maker?” and “what if there are others out there like me?!”


With hopes of helping at least a handful of people pay their bills, many tireless hours of R&D went into what would become the bones of District Leather Supply today. The goal has remained consistent: To make sure whatever DLS puts out is what we would use for ourselves, guaranteeing quality and great value, with NO EXCEPTION.


Over the past four years, others have caught on, and with the support of an incredible community of Makers, District Leather Supply continues to grow…


Today we welcome you to DLS 3.0!


What began in a modest basement, then moved to a decent sized warehouse, has now moved into a new massive warehouse.  


We have completed about 90% of the move, changing the space nearly every day to better suit our needs and the needs of our amazing customers.  Coach has single handedly extended the “Leather Hotel” by 30%!  Cruz continues to map out a more efficient packing and shipping center(not only for our current crew, but also for our future teammates).  Nashon has continued to learn and improve our efficiency.  Unfortunately, Gabe missed the whole thing, but he is back and spooling the crap out of some thread.  Through all of this, one thing is consistent, Benny sitting by the windows emailing live sale invoices. 


While this has everyone here at DLS excited…and a little tired…We could not continue to do this without thanking all of you for your incredible support. None of this was guaranteed a year ago, and to be in the place we are now, we will never take it for granted.


We can’t wait to show you around and show you what we have cooking up for the future.  For now though, thank you, every single one of you. From those of you that have bought a single small spool of Venymo, a few panels of leather, 20 double shoulders or sides, or even sent us coffee or snacks. We couldn’t have done this without you!


During the process, we may have missed a few phone calls, emails, or DMs. Order fulfillment may have taken a bit longer than usual.  So we want to thank you again for your patience and understanding. We are nearly back to status quo, but please reach out if you need anything or have any questions.


From your friends at DLS,


Thank you.



  • Benny Kim

DLS Black Friday Weekend Sale

Hey Everyone,

There are a few important things you need to know before shopping the DLS Black Friday Weekend Sale (going on through end of Monday):  

  1. We'll kick things off with some crazy "doorbuster" deals 8pm-ish ET ;)
  2. We'll be adding new items on Friday between 8pm-11pm ET, and then in batches every twenty-four hours until we run out of awesome stuff to put on sale.  Not only does this allow me (Bill) to grab a quick nap between batches, but it also allows our international customers a chance to scoop up some great deals.
  3. Please remember that your order will take longer to ship if it includes custom split panels.
  4. All sales are final on Black Friday Weekend sale items.
  5. We have changed our shipping policy so that the new default shipping method is a $5 flat rate for all orders going to US addresses. 
    - Why did you discontinue free shipping? 
    Many of you are aware that we've been working through some growing pains the last few months that have led to unreasonably long fulfillment times.  With the help of your $5 per order, we will be able to hire another employee and make sure that we're able to provide the speed and service that you deserve.
    I need my order faster.  Is the $5 flat rate the only shipping option?
    There are several other shipping options available, just as before.  So, you will still be able to choose from different carriers and different shipping speeds
    I placed six orders over Black Friday Weekend.  Does that mean I'm paying $30 in shipping?!?
    This weekend only, since we'll be adding new items over the first few days of the sale, we'll consolidate your orders and refund shipping charges for orders we've consolidated.  If the contents of your combined orders require us to ship multiple packages (e.g. if there are 10 sides of leather, 20 full spools of thread), we'll retain the shipping charge for each package shipped.  Our goal is to hire another employee, not to rip you off.  So, if the situation gets complicated, we'll contact you and make sure the outcome is fair.  

Click Here To See Black Friday Weekend Deals!

Thank you, and have fun!


District Leather Supply

  • Bill Wuyek