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HDPE Clicking and Stamping Board

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We've been using these HDPE boards at our shop for a long time and just realized they could come in handy for lots of other folks too.  We set these directly on top of our worn out OEM board.  

  • Use smooth boards for cleaner stamping - no more uneven stamping or nasty spiderwebs on the back of your stamped leather.
  • Worn out clicker boards can lead to rough edges and mis-cuts, as well as extra wear and tear on you and your machine because of the extra force you have to apply to do the work.
  • OEM replacement clicker boards for popular 4-ton clickers run about $50.  These are less than that ;)
  • These boards are made from a softer plastic than the OEM boards, so they're easier on your dies, and you can use the worn out boards on your workbench for hole punching (stick to our Punch Pads for pricking irons though) and other messy tasks.

Each board measures 11.75" L x 8.5" W x 0.375" thick

Colors May vary between Black and Grey


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